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Owner Dasha, A Midwestern mom, has a passion for Corvettes and dreamt to be in a place where the sunshines and has open roads.


That dream every day to drive with the top down, the wind blowing through her blonde hair, the beautiful landscape that you would expect see in movies, and the sun shining all the while radio

blasting classic rock.


So, one snowy morning in Minnesota she decided that she had it with the cold winters and mundane life.


Like the stories from American History of settlers in the Old West, she packed up her whole life and headed out West with the mentality she would go to a place where she could drive year round and not have snow blocking her in her home for days.


She instantly fell in love with California when she arrived, the lush green scenery and the picturesque landscapes that would let her have the life she would only see in the movies.


She founded California Corvettes to share her passion and dream with everyone she could and so that she can help others achieve the open road with their True American Cars, Corvettes!


California Corvettes has Mechanics with 20 years of experience in Corvettes, but don’t think about them as your typical grease monkey, they are all Artists who can take your dream and make it a reality.


This is a true  boutique shop only specializing in Corvettes to ensure we are the best at what we do!

From showing to racing we are the shop to get you the rewards and experiences you want from your Corvette.


Regardless of year and model of Corvette we can help you.


So why wait?


So start your engines…


Unlock the possibilities with

California Corvettes today!

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